Bulk customization of messages

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Creating custom content for individual or batch messages is a great way to insert text, URLs, numbers, email addresses and so on into your messages so that when scheduling out content you can prefill custom fields into your messages which are unique to your audience/ clients.

This article guides you through how to setup custom fields within the Sendible dashboard.

Setting up a custom field

To setup a custom field, navigate to your settings and click on “Company Settings”. Then click on the “Custom Fields” option from the left hand side menu. Here you will see a table which will list all of your custom fields.


Next, click on “Channels”.

Once you've selected “Channels” you will see a table with the field headings - “Field Title”, “Field Type”, “Mandatory” and the options to Edit or Delete.

Click on the “New Field” button of which a new pop-up will appear where you can add your “Field Title” and choose the “Field Type” you wish to add.

You are able to create many different fields for different use cases. For example:

  • Website URLs
  • Phone Numbers/ Email Addresses
  • Custom location names (franchises)
  • Promotion names
  • Promotion dates

Based on the different fields you may wish to set-up we recommend choosing the following field types:

  • Text
  • URL
  • Numeric
  • Date

Below is an example where you may wish to customise a URL when scheduling out posts:


Select if the field should be mandatory or not. (You may wish to specify that the Custom Field is mandatory on all posts associated with a service)

Once you have set-up your Custom Field navigate to “My Services” where you can then select the services you wish to add the custom field ‘Tag’ to.


When you have selected “Tags” a window will appear with the field name you previously added. Add the Custom URL you wish to add within the input box with the field name you added.  (In this example you can see a website URL added under web_test_1 for adding a custom URL)


Once saved, repeat this step for all other services you wish to add a tag for with the custom fields you have set-up.

Composing a message


To add in your custom field into a message click on “Compose Message” and then click on the RSS, Content and Trends icon.  You will then see a window appear with 4 different tabs. Select the “Placeholders” tab to find the custom fields you added earlier.  Then select “Channel Tags” to find your custom field.


Once selected, you will see the placeholder tag for the Custom field.  

E.g. Custom URL  https://bbc.co.uk/page1

Once you’ve added all your services, content and custom fields you will be ready to post!


For custom URLS

  • The custom URL's will only work if you have filled in a value for the tag belonging to the service within the list of services under “My Services”. Any services where the tag has not been added the custom URL field will not work.
  • If you are using custom URLs you will want to switch off shortening links within your  company settings under company preferences  first before setting up your custom fields.)

How to use custom fields within the bulk importer

If you are looking to save time and use the bulk importer to compose messages with custom fields this is possible but before you can bulk import you will need to follow the previous steps for setting up your custom fields and then clicking on compose message and choosing your placeholder so that you get your unique identifier code.

Example: $custom_web_test_1_86889/page 1


This code is an internal code used within Sendible to identify the custom field you have set-up for a service. Without this code you will not be able to bulk import messages with the custom fields you have set -up.

For more information on how this works please speak to our Customer Success team at cs@sendible.com

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