User Interface Update

We've been working hard over the past few months to improve the look and feel of the Sendible Dashboard. 

It is our long-standing goal to create the best social media tool available on the market while continuously working on small improvements and new feature additions. 

The updated user interface is now live!

While no functionality has changed, the look and feel of the new interface should improve your user experience and hopefully, make it easier to navigate throughout our tool. 


What parts of our dashboard have changed?

Login Page

  • Remember Me and Lost Password options are now highlighted so that you can easily save your login details or request a password reset.



Setup Wizard

  • The style of our Quick Start Guide has been updated to show a white background and cleaner icons.



Top Navigation Menu & Buttons

  • The buttons and drop down menu functionality is still the same as it was, but they have had the new styling applied.
  • Bulk Compose messages icon has now been separated and has its own icon to highlight that this feature is not within the Compose Box.




Compose Box

  • The Compose Box now has a white background, making the icons within the Compose Box more obvious.
  • The Send Now button has also been made more prominent.



Compose Messages in Bulk

  • No functionality has changed within the Bulk Compose screen, however, you will see a cleaner and fresher style.




  • The option to Add a new stream has been made more prominent.
  • The layout of the messages have stayed the same but you will see a difference in the style.



Adding Streams

  • The options for adding streams under the Priority Inbox view has changed to a clear background and displays the top five social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. 



Select All

  • Under the Engage views, you'll be able to Select All or Deselect All by ticking the box icon.
  • You will still be able to individually select messages to archive or export them to a CSV file.



Setting Up a New Monitor

  • When setting up a new Monitor from within the Monitor area, you'll see a new pop-up with a new style for setting up both, the Keyword and Review monitoring services.




  • The Chart which shows the monitoring results now has new colors to make it easier to differentiate between Positive, Neutral and Negative results.



Suggested Content

  • Previously, Categories displayed a plus symbol (+). This has now been changed to a Star to make it clearer that these are favorited categories.
  • When you click on the star icon, that category will be saved as one of your Topics.



Adding Contacts

  • No functionality has changed when adding contacts but this screen has had a styling update and its layout has more prominent buttons.



Adding Social Accounts/Services

  • When adding new services, you'll see new styling in the right hand side bar for the different service Categories. 


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