Why are changes to link previews not displaying when posted to Facebook?


As part of Facebook's efforts to limit the amount of fake news on its platform, they have decided to remove the ability to customize link previews (i.e. headline, description or image) when publishing posts. 

According to Facebook"Allowing modification of link headlines and images when sharing posts has provided a potential vehicle for malicious users to misrepresent underlying link content, and hence why Facebook is removing the capability." 

When did this come into effect?

Facebook released this change to all users in July, 2017. Temporary extensions have been provided in some cases but please bear in mind that this is temporary. It's likely that this option will be fully blocked by the end of July therefore, please do not schedule posts with custom link previews to be sent to Facebook after the end of July.

How does this affect your posts from Sendible?

Facebook will now automatically generate the link preview on its platform and will no longer give you any control over the appearance of the link preview before posting. 

Are there any workarounds?

We understand how much of an impact this type of change can have on your engagement metrics — so, to allow for some customization, we will be releasing an update on Monday that will make it easy for you to replace the link preview with an image of your choice. 

You will be able to source the image from the chosen URL and choose to attach it while the shortened link will be included in the body of the post.

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