How can I post to Instagram using Sendible's in-app notifications?

This article covers how you can use our Instagram Reminder profile which can be used to post to non-Instagram Business accounts, as well as scheduling Instagram Story and Carousel posts.

Important Note:
For in-App Notifications, you need to download Sendible Engage App from Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple store for Apple devices.
Important Tip:

To be able to post to Instagram through the in-App Notifications you need to ensure that you have 3 things:

  1. Push Notifications are "ON" under Notifications settings on your mobile device for the Sendible App.
  2. Ensure you have selected your user account(s) under the Instagram Profile.
  3. Finally, ensure you are logged on to the same account on the Sendible App.

1. Click the Compose button on the top right of the Sendible dashboard.


2. Select your Instagram Post profile (corresponding to the Instagram Reminder profile, when first added) you would like to post to and enter your message.

3. Click the Attach button, to select your chosen image.

4. Then click Send Now or Schedule button depending if you have scheduled the post or not.


5. When the schedule is due, the Push Notification will popup via the Sendible App, click the notification and it will push the image directly to the Instagram App.


6. Finally paste your caption, which has been automatically copied to your clipboard.


Your message is ready to be sent!

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