How do I enable split posting for a Service List?

Please Note:
This functionality is not currently supported when adding posts to a Queue but will work for scheduling and adding posts as drafts, whether you're bulk importing messages or composing individually via the Compose Box.

This feature for Service Lists enables you to schedule a post to one Service List and have that post display under the Scheduled view of another user account. Using this feature means that, if you have a post that’s relevant for multiple clients but, one or more of your clients wants to be able to check the post and edit it or similar before the post goes out, they are able to do this.

So, if you added a service under User A, shared it with User B. User B added that shared service to a Service List and has scheduled a post with that Service List selected, that post will be displayed under the Scheduled view for User A.

Otherwise, if you were to edit a post due to be sent out to a Service List, that edit would apply to all the posts sent out to the services in that Service List rather than based on an individual service/client.

In order to enable this feature you will first need to: 

  1. Set up the relevant posting services under each client/user account.
  2. Share the services with the user account that will be using a Service List to post on behalf of the users/clients. For more information on sharing services, please see this page.
  3. Add those shared services into a Service List with the ‘When posting’ option on the Service List settings set to ‘Split into one message per service listed’ as highlighted in the image below: 



Once you’ve done this, you can start scheduling posts to that Service List. When you have scheduled a post to that list, a separate post will be created for each service within that Service List directly on the user account that the service was shared from.

The system will also automatically adjust the time the post should be sent out based on the timezone selected on a user account so that the posts are sent out at the same time even if you’re managing clients in different timezones.

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