What is a Service?


People who have used other social media marketing tools will likely be familiar with the concept of adding 'Profiles' or 'Channels'. Services are very similar but essentially they enable you to pick and choose the exact functionality you want to have on your account in relation to a social site, blog or similar.

When it comes to 'Social' services, the main options will allow you to either 'Post' out to the site or to 'Pull' live feeds and updates from the site so you can engage with replies and comments from your social channels.

Depending on the site and what it allows via it's API (how we and the majority of other social media marketing tools integrate with social media and other sites) you may also be able to set up services to cover additional functionality such as setting up a live feed to search for posts mentioning keywords or automatically liking posts that include specific hashtags on Instagram.

Unlike most other tools, we also provide services for blogging sites like Wordpress and image and/or video sites like YouTube.


How does this benefit our users?

The reason that we integrate with social sites in this way is so that you can choose to pay for the exact functionality that you or your client wants rather than paying for features you ultimately don't use or want. Say you're managing two clients, one where you're strictly updating their social accounts and another where you post updates but also manage incoming replies and comments for their social channels. The standard 'Channel' or 'Profile' model means that you would pay the same to manage both clients. By using Sendible and the 'Services' model, you'll need less services to manage the work you need to do for the first client and this means that you can choose a lower plan with less services than you might if we applied the 'Profiles' or 'Channels' model.

This also allows you to better gauge how much work is being done for your clients so that you can charge them accordingly, and also enables you to take on clients with smaller budgets and scale the work you provide to them as their budget grows.


What to consider when you're deciding how many services you'll need to cover what you're looking to do?

As services relate not just to a particular site but also the functionality you'll need to have in relation to that site, start by factoring the sites you need to engage with and then think about what functionality you need to have in relation to that site. The functionality we can provide is dependent on what a site allows via their API so, in some cases, whilst we will be able to provide the functionality to post to a site, we may not be able to provide the functionality to have a live feed from that site. Please refer to the below to see if the functionality you need is currently supported.


What 'Services' do you currently offer?

Please see this page which provides a full list of the services you can add to your Sendible account.

Please note: some services will be restricted based on your plan. Please see our pricing page for more information.



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