How can I add messages from Sendible to Slack?

You can do this as follows:

- Visit the Integrations page:

- In the Integrations list, click Email.

- Select a channel, group, or DM where the email will be posted.

- Click Add Email Integration.

- On the next page, you'll find the email address you'll use to send emails with this integration.

How can I make use of this in Sendible:

  1. Copy and paste this email address into the Compose Box (services list) when you compose a message. When a message is sent out, it will send a notification to your Slack channel.


  1. For workflow approval, setup a new user using the channel email address from Slack. Whenever something is assigned/approved etc - a notification will be sent to the Slack channel.

For messages where you're including the email address in the Compose box rather than setting up a fake user for this, every email will use up 1 email credit however, you do get 100 email credits free per month per user.

You can also purchase additional email credits by clicking on the cog icon in the top right hand side of any page and then selecting Add-ons and Extras.


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