How do I manage White Label trials?

If you haven't already, please enable White Label trials as explained on this page. Once this is set up and someone signs up for a trial, you can extend their trial or move them to a full user. This will need to be done under Settings > Users as outlined below:


1. Any users who are on a trial will display with the amount of trial days they have left under the Profiles field.

2. If you want to extend the length of the trial for a trial user, first select the edit option where that trial user is listed.



3. Select the Account option to the left of the pop-up.

4. Next, click on the the Extend trial by dropdown. Please note: a maximum of 30 days can be offered as a trial. This means that, if you're offering a trial of 15 days, you will only be able to add an additional 15 days to that trial account. If you're offering a 30 day trial as standard, you will not be able to extend the trial at all.

5. Once you've selected the number of additional trial days to add to a trial account, select the Update User button and the additional trial time will then be applied to that trial user.



6. If a trial has expired or someone wants to move from a trial to a full account during their trial, you can make them a standard user on your White Label by first selecting the Upgrade option where their account is listed in the users table.



7. The system will prompt you to confirm this change as it cannot be reversed. If you would like to upgrade them, select the Confirm button. Otherwise, select the Cancel option to close the pop-up and the user will remain a trial user.



8. Once you have confirmed the upgrade, that user will then appear in the users table as a standard user.




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