What are user allocations/licenses?

A user allocation/license allows you to set up a user account on your Sendible plan. All of our plans come with a number of user allocations by default as outlined on our pricing page.

When you want to add more users than the standard user allocations linked to a plan covers, eg. the plan comes with 4 user allocations as standard and you want to add a 5th user, the system will charge you additionally for this as a new user allocation needs to be added.

User allocations can always be re-used, eg. if you delete a user account, you can still use the user allocation to set up a new user without being charged again.

The number of user allocations you're using towards both active and inactive user accounts under your plan will be displayed under your Manage Users page.

Please note: Even if a user account has been set to Inactive, it will still be using the related user allocation as the system will still be storing all the data related to that user account. Therefore, inactive users will still be charged for and an additional user allocation will need to be purchased if you are already using all the user allocations you already have available. 

Also, if you have added more user allocations than your standard plan covers, this means that you will have been added to a custom plan therefore, to remove these additional user allocations, you'll need to delete users until the number is in line with a standard plan amount and then essentially change to that plan in the subscription area. 

For White Label users and those who still need more user allocations than one of our standard plans offers, please delete the related user accounts and then contact us so that we can amend your user allocations and related billing.



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