How do I change account and company settings?

This article covers updating company and account settings. You can only update the company settings or payment details if you're logged into an Administrator account. For team member or client profiles, you’ll only have the ability to update your own preferences.


Company Information

1. Navigate over to Settings on the top right of the dashboard, next to the user name, click the downward arrow > Company Settings.



2. Click on Company details.

3. Company information such as Company name, Company email and Website can be updated but is mainly only used internally so it's up to you whether you choose to keep this information up to date.

4. The account owner is the user who created the company account when first signing up to Sendible. You’re not able to update this as it's tied to your payments.

Please Note:
If the person that originally setup the account should no longer be the main admin linked to payments as, for example, they've left the company, you will ideally need to update their account by editing the settings for it to reflect a new user. Please contact us if you need help with this.

5. Team Member's details can easily be edited here. Select the team member’s name to update the team members credentials, account permissions and workflow.


Company Preferences

6. Click on Company preferences to set the default URL shortener option to be used across all user accounts under your company. This can still be set on a per user basis by setting a different option in the personal settings for that user.

7. If your company has a account, the access token will need to be entered into the access token field in order for that account to the used to shorten and track links. As with the previous option, this can still be set on an individual user level as well.

8. Don’t forget to Save any settings that you’ve changed.


Personal Settings

9. Clicking your profile name under settings allows you to update any personal settings.

10. Clicking on the image, you can change your profile image.

11. To be kept in the loop on any feature updates, make sure you’ve ticked Subscribe to feature updates.

Location Information

The timezone can be edited here.

12. Clicking on the drop down arrow will allow you to change the Language.

13. Clicking on the drop down arrow will enable you to change the clock format to either a 12 - hour or 24 - hour clock.



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